Quicksearch in Dagens Industri

In the edition of Loyalty_Rewards 2015, which is a theme annex of customer loyalty in Dagens Industri, gets Quicksearch’s Business Development Manager, Ulrica Björnhag, interviewed for an article about the connection between loyal customers, engaged employees and profitability, which is a hot topic on the market right now. Its not enough to just have satisfied customers and employees to achieve better performances, it’s to easy in todays complex business world. To create loyal customers also requires a genuine commitment from the employees and that they continuously working to add value to their customers. Loyalty is fully measurable today through Net Promoter Score® both for the customer (NPS®) and for the employee (eNPS®), vwhich is the established methodology that Quicksearch is basing their surveys on. Quicksearch ends the circle between employee commitment, customer loyalty, and the organizations profitability. You can read the whole article at the site www.kundlojalitet.com HERE