Attracting millennials

Attracting millennials. The formally called Generation Y now goes under the name millennials. The persons that are born after 1985 is the ones called millennials. Their way of thinking and act differ from earlier generations, which will change the way we work, and certainly many other parts of society. This group is more independent, wants […]

Create an attractive employer…

Create an attractive employer… A unifying concept around attract, motivate, and retaining your staff is employer branding. It has both an external and an internal focus – attracting new talents and at the same time as maintaining and developing the ones you already have. The last ten years, employer branding has become an increasingly common […]

Quicksearch on radio P1 – on how you succeed with employee surveys

Quicksearchs participation in P1 morning’s feature on employee surveys and to manages to take the step between results and action. Background The feature is based on research at Lund’s University and also the good example ATEA, which Quicksearch worked together with for many years, where one strategically and purposefully managed to take the step between results and action […]

Medical Products Agency gets approved in employee survey

In the Medical Products Agency’s press release 2014-03-28 – on the very positive results they received through the Employee survey that recently was conducted in cooperation with us at Quicksearch. “The Medical Products Agency’s recent completed employee survey shows a positive result. The survey reveals a gathered employee index of 71, which means that the […]

Quicksearch debating in Personal & Ledarskap

Personal & Ledarskap’s articles about employee surveys have stirred reactions. Although many share the view that surveys, and follow-ups, has flaws; few people want to remove them. Rather, it is about to deviate standardized questions, measure current and also analyse before carrying out operations. It is also about the importance of taking part of the […]

Quicksearch guest lectures at Upsales Growth Day

Upsales Growth Day was held January 29 at the Clarion Sign in Stockholm, in connection with the next generation of Upsales CRM and Marketing Automation system being launched. The day was a success and offered interesting content on growth and sales and also digital trends. Participants gained new insights, tools, and inspiration to apply directly […]