Customer orientation is an important part of evaluation work

Wildfire has surveyed the values of Swedish companies in which nearly 400 decision makers in various sectors participated in the study. The overall conclusion in the report is that there is a correlation between an active value and culture work and the organizations result.

Customer satisfaction is one the most common value words among companies according to the report. Those companies that have managed to get values and culture to permeate the organization enjoys a higher degree of customer satisfaction. Among these companies it isn’t enough to have passively satisfied customers and a limited number of customer complaints, rather, companies strive to make the customer an ambassador. As trust in traditional advertising is decreasing more and more companies to create marketers among their customers. Net Promotor Score® (NPS) is a measurement that captures both the customers and the employees recommendation will and also his loyalty and profitability. Through current surveys companies get timely feedback that then the organization can act upon directly. At Quicksearch, we agree with the conclusion of the report. Our years of experience to continuously follow up and act on customer and employee feedback show a clear link between engaged employees, loyal customers, which in turn results in increased profitability.

Different ways to consolidate valuation work and keeping it alive is, in addition to leadership, include recruitment and career development. The report shows that two thirds of companies in the study have some way to go in their work with supporting implementation of valuation work through these means. Quicksearch triggered measurements when the feeling is fresh, as a complement to the bigger employee survey. Important events to measure, based on recommendation will, may be, for example, how you experienced the recruitment, the introduction, the performance review, and eventually an exit-measurement when you leave the company. To miss out on that feedback can cost the companies big sums because of talents will be brief, unengaged or views the company negatively. To get values into the triggered measurements is also an important step in the work to get a culture that permeates every employee’s daily lives

We at Quicksearch help you in your work to strengthen the company’s positive reputation by inspiring customers and employees through its commitment drive the business forward.