Customer expericence as marketing – Net promoter score

From seminar 24 mars

Marketing has for long been about convincing the company’s excellence through megaphone marketing – that this time is over, we know with certainty. Customer churn is more expensive than ever, and bad customer experiences spreads like wildfire in social media. Today’s consumers and customers are more informed and more connected than ever.More customers than ever look to customer reviews and recommendations.

Building strong customer relationships, is more than ever a good delivery, transparency and authenticity. “Modern branding is about focusing on the company’s supply which in turn means the organization and employees’ overall ability and motivation to deliver the brand promise.” Thomas Gad, Fire Flight.

Thomas, who is an international brand consultant, writer and the man behind Nokia’s “Connecting people” and SAS “its Scandinavian” opened the seminar by giving a perspective of current and future brand development.

Then Quicksearch presentets Net promoter score, a research tool designed for continuous measurements where reputation and customer experience is key. “To focus on Netpromotor score – how much wow that is created in each client meeting – is the best brand measurement I’ve ever encountered. Thomas Gad

“By continuously measuring your Net Promoter Score, you can increase share of return customers, recommendation and reduce the negative customer criticism (nWom)”. Sebastian Wettemark, Marketing Quick Search.