Improved recruitment and introductions

A recent study (Recruitment in the IT business) from Stockholm University shows that IT companies have difficulties in handling the ’80s generation who is perceived as volatile and demanding. The study illustrates the changes in the IT industry that places greater demands on recruitment and induction. Matching requirements with expectations requires focus and continuous improvement.

For companies that want to be the best at recruiting talent is a lot of hands-on advice

  • Keep track of the balance of your promise to new talent.
  • Do not promise too much (so that staff will be disappointed) or too little (so they do not start with you).
  • Ensure that both recruited and not recruited persons becomes ambassadors in their networks. Who knows if you will recruit them later or what they know.
  • Follow social media (eg and act upon any grievances.
  • Keep an improvement-oriented approach to recruitment and induction. Currently track the gap between how the recruitment process should proceeded and how it is perceived and act when the gap becomes negative.
  • Carry out regular employee surveys and conduct ongoing monitoring of recruitment and induction.
  • Establish target key performance indicators for both the employee experience and internal customer experience (commissioning manager) of the recruitment process

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