Quicksearch’s debate article in Dagens Handel

“Stop bombarding consumers with irrelevant surveys”

The most important question to ask your customers in surveys is whether they want to recommend your store or company to their friends. Other questions might as well be deleted. This writes Quicksearch CEO Ulrica Björnhag in a debate article.

Most of us would probably think it was terribly rude if someone asked a question and then didn’t take the time to listen to the answer. But the fact is this is the way many companies treat their customers. The consumer are bombarded daily with thousands of questions without anyone actually reading or using the answers. The purpose of the surveys seems to confirm the company’s ego rather than a desire to improve something.

Retail and the survey industry live dangerously when they drown their consumers in unnecessary questions while the competition intensifying as the customers become more discerning and increasingly demanding. Today, consumers have no desire to answer long surveys, and especially those that contain unnecessary questions that do not lead anywhere.

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