Webbinar on course evaluation within the universities and college

Blekinge Institute of Technology have together with Quicksearch developed a solution for the course evaluation process within universities and college.

The solution is largely fully automated, and the results are visible at different levels. The results are sent out and are available online for students, but also prospective students can take part. Teachers and managers have access based on authorisation. Compilations, analyses and charts is easily done online. The system is since more than 2 years in operation at BTH and Halmstad University. The new course evaluation process has brought great efficiency for teachers and administrators, increasing the quality and led to better benchmark possibilities within and across the institutions.

Welcome to during the webinar take part of the structure and experience.

Participants will be able to ask questions via chat forums. We are grateful if you would register to participate to Mikaela.Magnusson@quicksearch.se but http://connect.sunet.se/learning_lab will also be open without registration. Please note if you type the Adobe Connect address manually, it’s an underscore between learning_lab

See you Tuesday, 27 May at 13.00