Education in Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Learn the basics of how to work with NPS and customer loyalty for effective customer orientation. Take part of fresh examples of how Swedish companies use this measure to deepen their costumer relation, to gain more recommendations and to achieve higher profitability.

Welcome to an all-day education in Net Promoter Score that gives you a basis for driving improvements in customer relationships and customer loyalty. Through this course, you gain the latest knowledge and the most effective methods to initiate and lead successful NPS projects in your organisation. The course emphasizes methods for using Net Promoter in different situations, illustrate through lectures, interactive exercises and real cases. You get a clear and vigorous review of the way you can work with Net Promoter Score, why and what it can bring to your organization.

Course Content
Block 1 – NetPromoterScore–how does the methodology work
Block 2 – How do you work with NPS systems in your organization
Block 3 – Feedback management – a view of the customer
Block 4 – Return on investment

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