Webbkollen – for follow-up within healthcare

Quicksearch together with SKL, Blekinge Institute of Technology and 14 counties, developed and tested Webbkollen – a method and a tool to monitor patients after they have left the ward/clinic. The purpose is to gain the patient perspective and to capture areas of improvements, and also to monitor the results of these areas.

Webbkollen is also a way to allow patients to speak. That creates security and it also becomes clear where the healthcare areas of improvements are.

The method is simple and gives an overview and also reveals possible causes to insecurity, problems with their drug treatment and readmissions to hospitals.

Since 2012 the project Bättre liv för sjuka äldre provides the web-based tool. Reporting is done at any level – locally, regionally and nationally, and is presented in an easy template.

The tool is free of charge during 2014.

Contact Agneta Brinne, for log in information.


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