We are looking for employees to Project Support

Project Support

Job description

  • Creating surveys and makes the survey mailing to our customers
  • Analyse gathered data and create digital reports
  • Establish customer portals to in an educational way present the gathered data
  • Administrate and develop customer portals


Project Support (PS) is an important support for the project manager and will act as the spider in the web. PS ensures the internal delivery of all parts in the project from gathering of data, creating surveys, creating and complete portals and also support to both customer and project manager. Through its extensive work with various customer projects PS contributes with transferring knowledge between different projects. PS also plays an important role in development of our own system by transferring development needs to our development department continuously.


As a person you are:
• accountable and structured
• proactive and service minded
• task-oriented and enjoys working both independently and in a team
• responsive and has the ability to under stress find rational and flexible solutions to problems
• open for change and enjoys rapid shifts in work tempo
• outgoing and can establish a good relationship with both costumers and employees

We see that you have a relevant university degree within such areas as Informatics and System Science or that you have previously worked with IT systems. You have good social skills and like working in a team and to solve problems together with others. You have a passionate interest in systems and is orderly and structured in your way of working.

Because we are a smaller company, you have to enjoy with having a variety of tasks, both routine tasks as well as very developing tasks.