Quicksearch on radio P1 – on how you succeed with employee surveys

Quicksearchs participation in P1 morning’s feature on employee surveys and to manages to take the step between results and action.


The feature is based on research at Lund’s University and also the good example ATEA, which Quicksearch worked together with for many years, where one strategically and purposefully managed to take the step between results and action with very good results

A large proportion of Swedish companies conducts employee surveys, i.e. send out questionnaires to the employees to get a picture of the situation in the workplace from the employees perspective. But surprisingly few has any strategy for how the results from the employees should be used, according to researchers at Lund’s University that is currently looking at the surveys. Listen to one of the researchers, Peter Svensson whom is participating in a research project about surveys.

Quicksearchs contribution

Our participation is of the property of experts on employee surveys and Ulrica Björnhag, CEO at Quicksearch, talks generally about our experience in the field. Differences between successful and less successful works. How important a strategy is before an implementation and also how a dream scenario could look like.

The questions that will be answered are among others.

  • Do you have to have a strategy before you start measuring?
  • Why is it important to do employee surveys?
  • The most common mistakes that companies make when they start with an employee survey?
  • Is there any difference between public authorities and private companies?

Read more about the research:
The voice of the employee: A critical study of employee surveys as a relational practice
Peter Svensson, Magnus Larsson, Robert Holmberg

Companies lack strategy for employee surveys

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