Medical Products Agency gets approved in employee survey

In the Medical Products Agency’s press release 2014-03-28 – on the very positive results they received through the Employee survey that recently was conducted in cooperation with us at Quicksearch.

“The Medical Products Agency’s recent completed employee survey shows a positive result. The survey reveals a gathered employee index of 71, which means that the Medical Products Agency is above the index for agency’s that carried out such surveys during 2013. There the index was at 67.

The employee survey were conducted by the company Quicksearch during the period of February 17 to the Mars 3 and is to some extent a new form of survey that makes it easier to se how the Medical Products Agency compare to other agency’s and organizations. It’s also designed in such a way that eventual development measures can be worked out in a simpler way.

 The response rate was 91 percentages of the agency’s staff, which meant that 704 out of the agency’s 771 employees participated in the survey.

 – The fact that so many of our employees has taken their time to answer the survey is very good for the reliability and moreover a receipt of a positive engagement among the staff, says the Medical Products Agency’s HR-Director Thomas Ekvall.””

We at Quicksearch are very happy to be a contributing part of this positive development of the Medical Products Agency.

Read the whole article here.