Prosales and Quicksearch help sales organizations to measure Win/Loss

The feedback company Quicksearch and the Sales Management company Prosales strikes a strategic cooperation

Thanks to Prosales long experience and research in B2B sales and what characterizes successful sales organizations in combination with Quicksearch’s established feedback solutions and market leading position in NPS programs, has an unique analysing tool to measure and follow up Win/Loss been developed.

By systematically analyse Win/Loss, i.e. why sales organizations win or lose business’s, can a sales organisations performance ability be identified and evaluated and hence a continuously improvement begins.

Prosales research about “sales excellence” shows that development oriented companies that conducts continuously Win/Loss analysis has 5-10% higher growth and 2-6% higher operating margin than the competitors. According to Gartner the third of the companies that conducts formal Win/Loss analysis raise their finishing frequency with 50%.

Despite this, surprisingly few companies on the market that works rigours with Win/Loss analysis today. To follow the number of wins and losses in an CRM system isn’t enough, to be competitive you need to understand the driving force behind them. We saw therefore a whole to fill in the Swedish business sector and decided to combine our skills to be able to produce an unbeatable offer to the Swedish sales organizations.

The customer is the one that gives the best feedback to develop the salespersons. Employee surveys are connected to Net Promoter Score® (NPS®), to provide a direct signal in terms of loyalty and recommendation will and also factors driving them. With NPS® salespersons can increase their understanding about the customers need and become better at navigating in relationships. Customer feedback connected to different events in the sales process (touchpoints) helps the salesperson to “save” positive behaviours and avoid repeating negative habits.

Quicksearch’s long experience and methods in NPS® helps the company to create a culture of continuous feedback and an active effort in closing loops, i.e. to actually act on the feedback and generate ambassadors among the customers and employees. Quicksearch offers both consulting support and developed systems, that are created by Quicksearch themselves, and is dominant in telecom, retail, and finance.

The strategic benefits with the Win/Loss analysis constitutes of higher profits and revenues, more exact forecasting and better mix of products, services, or solutions.

If your curious to know more on how you can increase the sales with the help of Quicksearch’s and Prosales’s analysis tool for Win/Loss? Please contact Quicksearch’s Göran Almén at 070-931 0346 or alternatively Prosales’s Markus Ganev at 070-938 38 75 or

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