Exciting meetings at Executive Forum HR & Leadership

At the Executive Forum HR & Leadership which took place May 12, 2015 at Courtyard by Marriot in Stockholm leading decision makers in HR from all over Sweden gathered. The day offered inspiring; interesting seminars and discussion groups in the HR field and the participants had the opportunity to meet current solution providers at the market.

Why is it so important with feedback was a question that was recurring during the day and Quicksearch were obviously there and had the opportunity to meet many exciting participants from different companies to discuss needs and trends in feedback management. We shared our experience and our offer to through feedback continuously measure and follow up employees and customers to create loyalty and profitability.

Some of the challenges that we reflected over during the day were that the employee survey usually are often very extensive and time consuming and it takes time before the results are available. One consequence of today’s fast-changing world is that a lot can happen before the organization can practically start working with the result. Another observation was that many international companies are centralized and another group in another country is handling the employee survey. It can seem strange and far away for the employees in Sweden, and further, the Swedish HR department gets pinioned in their work with developing their employees.

A complement to the employee survey is to continuously measure separate HR areas and activities in real time, which is a way to keep the improvement process alive and to revise the plan based on new conditions. Through using continuously feedback surveys when the feeling is fresh, organizations can quickly act on the results and put relevant countermeasures in time. That way you know that you get the best possible ROI on their HR activates and initiatives as recruiting, introduction of newly appointed, valuation work, and employee performance.

To measure the event-driven at the local level is a good way for the leaders in Sweden to get a quicker and more effective dialog with their employees and thereby be able to create a culture whereas employees want, can, and has the right conditions to contribute to the success of the business.

Having satisfied customers is good but its not enough for a company that wants to be competitive, to reach success a company employees that are committed and perform at a high standard. But commitment is not enough on its own; a committed employee needs to be loyal towards his employer so that he doesn’t take his commitment and goes to a competitor.

We at Quicksearch believe in a shorter, faster survey that we have chosen to call a dialogue and we notice that it’s being increasingly sought after on the market.

eNPS® stands for Employee Net Promoter Score and is a measurement to measure how willing employees are to recommend their workplace to friends and acquaintances. Read more about how you can work with method and current surveys here.